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Graduate of National Academy of Physical Training and Sports in Romania, Coach Habala has over 35 years of competitive fencing experience.  He is a 5-time national champion, representing Team Romania from 1989-1999.  The Habala family legacy includes his mother, a 2-time national champion, and his father, Dr. Peter Pal Habala, who coached for the Romanian National Team.  Peter is the Head Coach and co-founder of RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, where he develops competitive and recreational fencers.  He continues to compete both locally and nationally at the Division 1 and Veteran levels.   In addition to English, Coach Habala speaks Hungarian and Romanian.  

Charlie began fencing at age 8, under world-class coaches Waldek Czaja and Hristo Etropolski. He held multiple US top-10 youth rankings. Returning to the sport in 2010, he has earned a Division 3 North American Cup silver medal, a 2012 Division 2 US National Championships silver medal, and a bronze at the 2016 Division 1A National Championships.  He is currently a nationally ranked Division 1 fencer.

Dexter began fencing since the age of 8.  As a college freshman, he earned a starting position on Ohio State's fencing team, and subsequently a fencing scholarship.  During his tenure under Vladimir Nazylmov, he helped Ohio State win 3 straight Midwest Conference Championships, and it's second Division 1 NCAA Championship in 2008.  His collegiate awards include two Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Awards, and a nomination for the Big Ten Medal of Honor.  Returning to the sport in 2013, Dexter won a gold medal at the 2014 Division 2 North American Cup, and is currently a nationally ranked Division 1 fencer.  

Co-founder of RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, JG teaches beginner fencing and manages day-to-day operations.  Fencing since 2001, she won a silver medal at the 2013 North American Cup in Veteran-40 Women’s Sabre.  and held  a top-10 Veteran ranking nationally.