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Our students have achieved High School State Championship and Great Lakes Fencing Conference Championship titles, numerous medals at North American Cups, Junior Olympics and National Championships, national rankings, and spots on NCAA Division 1 teams.

Graduate of National Academy of Physical Training and Sports in Romania, Coach Habala has over 35 years of competitive fencing experience.  He is a 5-time national champion, representing Team Romania from 1989-1999.  The Habala family legacy includes his mother, a 2-time national champion, and his father, Dr. Peter Pal Habala, who coached the Romanian National Team.  Peter is the Head Coach and co-founder of RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, where he develops competitive and recreational fencers. He continues to compete locally and nationally, and has been the #1 ranked Veteran fencer in the US. In addition to English, Coach Habala speaks Hungarian and Romanian.

Charlie began fencing at age 8, training under world-class coaches Waldek Czaja, Hristo Etropolski, and Serhiy Berko. A successful youth fencer, he returned to the sport as an adult. He has medaled at every level of North American Cup and National Championship competition. He has held a top-15 US ranking, an FIE world ranking, and has represented the United States at Senior World Cups, including a bronze in Reykjavik in 2018.

Dexter began fencing at age 8.  As a college freshman, he earned a starting position on Ohio State's fencing team, and subsequently a fencing scholarship.  During his tenure under Vladimir Nazylmov, he helped Ohio State win 3 straight Midwest Conference Championships, and it's second Division 1 NCAA Championship in 2008.  His collegiate awards include two Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Awards, and a nomination for the Big Ten Medal of Honor.  Returning to the sport in 2013, he has since medaled at North American Cups, and competes at the Division 1 level.

Co-founder of RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, JG teaches beginner fencing and manages day-to-day operations.  Fencing since 2001, she won a silver medal at the 2013 North American Cup in Veteran-40 Women’s Sabre, and held a top-10 US Veteran ranking.